Burning problems with Pioneer A07



Hi all

I’ve been browsing these forums from time-to-time over the years but recently a problem’s cropped up which I can’t figure out and I’m turning to you guys for help!

The problem I’m having is regards to burning DVD’s. I have a Pioneer A07XLA burner and in the past I’ve backed up my hard drive with 8x Verbatim DVD+R’s. (This media has an ID of MCC 003 by the way). Around March, I ordered some more (of the same) disc’s and I’m in the process of doing the same thing. However, I keep getting burning problems. Nero ( is saying the burn and verification of the files were successful but when I enter the DVD in the drive, it’s not recognised as having any data on it. I used up some spare Verbatim Pastel discs (Taiyo Yuden dye) and they were fine. I thought I had a bad batch of media so I popped into town and bought some Sony DVD+R’s but I keep getting the same problem.

I’m using the lastest firmware for the drive (v1.21) and these are the settings I have selected in Nero:

No Multisession

ISO 9660 + Joliet
Max. of 11 = 8 + 3 chars (Level 1)
ISO 9660 (Standard ISO CD-ROM)

Allow path depth of more than 8 directories
Allow more than 255 characters in path
Allow more than 64 characters for Joliet names

(Finalise DVD ticked but greyed out)
(Disc-at-once ticked but greyed out)

These are the same settings used to burn the TY discs (which were fine) and the MCC discs (which weren’t). Any suggesions please because this is really starting to annoy me now. I’ve been through 5-6 discs! :frowning:

Anyway, thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


(Oh and just to note, my firewall and antivirus is off and no programs are running in the background.)


Well a friend of mine aws in a similar situation and thought it waas the drive or the media to blamel but placed in another computer the writer performed ok… so I suggest to move the recorder to another PC and repeat the test. In case it is ok then it should be some setup problem. After reinstalling the operating system the problems dissapeared.


Its a bit “off topic” but you would not be better off sticking in another HD and Ghosting the whole of your setup across ? I do that once a month so if every thing goes belly up I can just swap HD,s and reboot…job done. :slight_smile:


Yeah, thats the killer though. How am I supposed to reinstall Windows if I can’t backup the hard drive first. :slight_smile:

Also I can’t think what the setup problem could be since it likes burning Taiyo Yuden media and my Lite-on Combo works fine. :confused: Strange one…

I’ve been thinking along the same lines except I was looking at external drives since I wouldn’t be running anything from it and would only be switching it on once or twice a month to back things up. My only reservation is their reliabilty / life-span compared to internal drives.

Even if I did get one though, I’d still like to get the burner fully operational again. Although I’ve had it for a while, its only burnt around 30 discs tops…


You cant boot up from an external drive,internals are much cheaper as well.I use an external for movie storage as well,so I have 120GB + 80GB as internal and a 120GB external.