Burning problems with Nero

I copied VCDs onto my hard disk using Nero. Theu\y have been copied into .NRG format.

Now, I want to burn all these movies on a DVD. But Nero doesn’t accept the DVD and gives a message that a CD R/RW is required.

Please help me out


Does your player not support VCDs as it’s really a waste to burn a VCD (which is CD format) onto a DVD?

i was just looking to keep a copy of movies with myself. instead of burning 5-6 VCds, it will be better if i have all of them on a single dvd.

Rohit: If I understand your issue, Nero won’t allow you to burn your files onto a DVD. If this is correct, it might be because your Nero is set to [U]CD[/U]. It should be set to one of the options as shown below.

VCD and DVD Video are two different formats. I don’t think Nero will let you copy them to a DVD without changing them to DVD Video format with Nerovision. The quality will will suffer greatly.

It depends what you want to do with them afterwards.

If you wish to play them on a standalone DVD player then all you can do is extract the movie from each VCD image and then re-author them with menues into a DVD movie disc.

If you just wish to save them onto a DVD to get them off your HDD & possibly play them on the PC you could create a data disk of the nrg files & then to play them mount the nrg images on a virtual drive like Daemon Tools.