Burning problems with Nec 4551!

Since I didn’t want to hijack the firmware thread any longer (and the problem seems to keep on going), I thought I’d start a new thread which hopefully can get to the bottom with this.

My Nec 4551 with fw Z2 has stopped burning dvd’s correctly, since I re-installed XP (SP2).
I’ve tried Nero Express (LF version), Dvd d and ImgBurn but they all report the “Power Calibration Error”.

At first, as suggested by chef, I tried to dermine if there was a problem with bad medium. I therefore tried different media, all Verbatims (dvd-r 16x and 8x medium/ dvd+r 16x/8x versions/ dvd+rw 4x. MID MCC003/002 etc). None of them burned (about 20 coasters), and they mostly died after/shortly after the lead in (see NecLog 1).

Last night I uninstalled Daemon Tools (4.03) and then took out the power cord, after turning off the computer.
This morning I checked the cables/jumpers, before turning it on.
And…it all worked perfectly for several burns!

Then I installed Daemon again (the old one 3.47 since I had that before the XP installation), and on the first burn after that…it didn’t work again (see NecLog 2).
Of course I thought…aha, Daemon must be the “bad guy” in all this, but even after I uninstalled just now the burns fail.

So what do you think, is Daemon fuxxing things up…or is it something else?
All help is appriciated!

And I’ve also encountered the error line (see NEcLog0):
20:56:08 #23 CDR -1135 File Writer.cpp, Line 311
Write error

To which chef: replied:

Not good, really not.

So again, if anybody have any thoughts on this please let me know.

NecLog0.txt (6.91 KB)