Burning Problems with NEC 2510A


I have a NEC 2510A with Firmware 2.05. My problem is, that i can’t burn DVDs. I can read DVDs & CDs, burn and erase CD-R/RWs but no go with DVDs. I tried different DVD+R from Fujifilm, Verbatim & HP, and a DVD+RW from Phillips. Nero recognizes them and shows me the correct Media-Type and Space of the DVD+R. But when I try to burn something on it Nero stops after “Caching Files” and crashes (can’t kill it with the Task Manager). After that I can’t start any Programm. Only Reset helps. I also tried the programm Burn4Free. B4F doesnt crash, but it also doesnt burn anything on the DVD :confused: . I also tried to flash the firmware to 2.06, but that aborted with a flash error.

Asus a7v880 with via kt880
athlon 2500+
sec master: Lite-On CD-RW
sec Slave: NEC 2510A


Have you tried updating Nero (I think is out) and firmware version 2.06?

I tried Nero but this didn’t help, and firmware version 2.06 won’t flash my burner. it says flashing error.

try flashing in dos using the dangerous bros flasher and binaries.

I tried the beta-windows-flasher from tdb, with a nice error:
“Drive reporting checksum error, firmware corrupt”, and the version of the firmware is still 2.05

I will try the DOS flasher when I have installed a floppy drive…

Try to burn bootable cd + firmwares and than try to flash the drive.

It has been my experience that you can’t boot from the drive you are going to flash. Remember that if you go that route…

I’ve flashed the drive from a DOS Boot CD to 2.06 Firmware with success (no error while flashing). But that didn’t help. The drive doesn’t want to burn DVDs. I will flash it back to 2.05 ORIG and return it to the dealer.

I tried the Burner at my second PC and there it had no problem burning DVDs. After that I tried it on my main PC again with differnt “improvements”. I tried a 80-wire-ide-cable, I tried to make it sec. master and pri. slave. But nothing helps. Could it be that it won’t work with the VIA IDE miniport drivers that I use since I have changed my motherboard?

Did you load the drivers for your motherboard when you changed? Just a thought