Burning problems with GSA-4163B



just tried 2 burnings of 4gb DVD-Video
the burn goes just fine, buffer on 97% all the way (first pic.
first burn i did on x4 and when i ScanDisc with Nero Cd-Dvd Speed it showed some bad (red) blocks and goes only until the ~40% and speed goes to x0

second burn i did x8 and its abit better than the first but still bad 2nd pic.

i have a NFORCE 2 m/b but i rolled back to the microsoft IDE drivers (red here it better to go with the SP2 driver)
(see device manager & IDE pic.)

i burn with Nero latest ver.
using a PRODISC R03 ( LG DVD+R x8 media orange color)

is this media that bad ? (i burned it a hour ago)
or its the DVD-RAM ?

how do i choose where to place the attachments in the message? :eek:


more info from Nero infoTool


It might be the discs at fault. I remember reading that some people with 4163Bs had problems burning those discs. Other people with the same drive had no problems. It could be just certain batches that are bad. It’s funny how LG discs won’t burn on an LG burner. Try some other brand of quality media. Taiyo Yuden, Maxell, Ricoh, Verbatim, Sony and sometimes TDK are all examples of this.


i’ll go for the Verbatim…saw on the review they were the best with this model


Is there any special reason for using old A103 firmware :confused:



If you want to stick to the A103, try different media. If you still have lots of Prodisc R03, try different fw.