Burning problems with a Samsung DVD-RAM MAE02B

Hi all,

Does someone can help me with my problem ?
On 7 try’s i burned 5 coasters with this DVD writer and managed only 2 succesfull burns.
Each time Nero announced a SCSI target error (there is nothing SCSI in my pc) at about 90% of the burn, when i tried to burn a 4.2 gig Nero image.
I tried about everything i could think off including changing the DMA2 to PEIO mode.
I used 7 the same LeadData DVD-R blanco’s on the box is mentioned 4.7 gig, could it be that the file is to big? , but then why did i succeeded on 2 occasions.
I tried with and without buffer underrun protection.
Tried the Samsung technical helpline but havent received no reply until now.

Please help.