Burning Problems with 3540

I have trouble burning dvd’s. I have tested different firmware:s, different burning
progs (dvddecrypter, nero, img burn, ultraiso, recordnow) but the same problem.
I get errors at the end of the sessions.
I bought nec 3540 in sept 2005, and it has worked great until a month ago, when the problem started. I haven’t changed the brand of the media.
I have attached a error log!

Please help, my harddrive is getting full!

Restore your system to few weeks ago and also try to clean up your hard drive make more space available my be these solves your problem.

Could it be a dodgy ATA cable? Might be worth checking out for the few sheckles it would cost to replace or test from a second PC?

Ehrm, I answered the same question just 1 min ago… Did you post this also under a different nick??

anyway, either reduce the burnspeed or reduce the size.