Burning Problems - NERO 5.5 and LG DVD COMBO Drive

Hi. I am having trouble burning cdr disks. It is a long and sorrid tale. Believe me I have tried many things.

First off some info about my computer. I am running a AMD XP 2500+ on a NF7 Abit Motherboard. 512 MB of Ram.
The Burner is an LG DVD/CD-R Combo number GCC-4521B. DVD on the combo works great and the reg cd functions of the combo also work okay (I think). The Main Harddrive is 120GB. I also have an older CD-Rom 48x from Samsung. And an older 20 GB harddrive. The LG combo is on the Motherboard Secondary IDE Channel as Master the Samsung is its slave.

Software side I am running Windows 98SE ( I know I know). Windows 98SE is all I can get where I am. Stuck in South Korea. Can not find a local English copy of XP. Will eventually go to Linux - Gentoo but that is another story. Windows 98 is all updated and patched and serviced packed including the unofficial service pack. The Burn program I have used for the longest time is Nero 5.5.???. I was using an older copy not included with my drive. Am now using the one included with my drive now. it is about Nero 5.5.10. I have tried some other burning progs like CDCopy and burnatonce. They work okay. But I keep getting the same bug up.

I have burning CDs (data) for a good while now. I keep to a pretty simple method (using Nero) and very cautious. I get the files I want on the HD. Change Nero to ImageBurner. Organize the Data to be burned. Then I create an image file. More often not around the 700MB mark. I rarely do overbrun cdrs. Then I turn off all extraneous programs and burn the image to cd. I never go the fastest. I burn from about 10x to 24x. Only if pressed for time or the cd is a tosser do I burn higher. and if I really like I burn at a nice slow 2x to 10x. I have my fair share of flubbed up burns as understandable. I stopped using the Wizard ages ago and I rarely if use or check the simulation check box.

So for the last few weeks I have been getting the same two errors. Sometimes related to each other and sometimes not related. I burn my image and everything goes great Nero burns to the end no errors like write error or that pop up (Same with burnatonce). I then check the CD using CDCheck. It starts nice a fast read speed then it slows down then it eventually errors out saying it can not find the file on the CD (Error 31 - the attached device is not working properly). I think CDcheck seems to reach a bad sector of the disk and keeps retryig the file till it says enough and gives the error 31. I also check again with DVD/CD Diagnostic 2.13 I even did the good old way of checking a cd I tried copying the files off the CD back on the HD. The file buggered in CDCheck nevers copies fully and then just errors out and stops. So simply put NERO burns the disk not prob and I check and the CDR drive can not find or get the file off the disk.

The other error is when all this mess started I checked put some other CD check programs. I used CD/DVD Diagnostic 2.13 Build 72. And I checked a few CDs using the complete scan. Some recently burned cds check out fine 0.00 errors. But the others get soft errors. The soft errors can varry from small and livable (for me) to downright horrible meaning the ECC is covering for the mess. Most of these soft errors seem to be at the end of the CDR.

Some of the solutions I have tried. I have changed the ASPI level to ForceASPI117 (ASPI 4.60) to the newest ASPI 4.71. Even tried NERO ASPI but I could never get that working so back to ASPI 4.60 (presently). These ASPI changes did not help in the end. Through I think it did stop my computer from doing the Mid burn total computer freeze I got once in while. Even tested the ASPI changes by ripping some Music CDs and by CD checking some CDs and burning a CD.

Unistalled Nero using Nero Uninstall tools. Used two diff versions of Nero. The one I had a friendly source. And the Nero CD that came with my burner. Both are about Nero 5.5.XXX

I even updated the CD-R Burner firmware. Even updated the my BIOS and Motherboard drivers after reading in a previous post that NF7 and Abit motherboards could bugger things up. All to now avail I keep getting these bad CDrs.

I even defragment my harddrive regularly so image files are nice and organized.

Even did a visual check of the CD drive to make sure at switchs are correct and all plugs are plugged in tightly.

To riterate my problems are I burn a cd with a program like Nero no prob. But when I check it the cd is buggered up. It can not access the file on the CDR. And I burn CDs and I get soft errors using CD/DVD diagnostic and I want to reduce them to 0.00 if possible.

So and advice and help would be appreciated.

i had been using my lg 40x12x40 drive till it was out of warranty. not long it’s outta warranty it was dead. i burned about 1300 cd-r with it and it did a great job. but after an overburning it closed its eyes for eternity…now its laying somewhere at home with no job…i recommend you to buy a new cd-rw drive. they’re very cheap nowadays. so even dvd writers are… i think it’s time for your writer to die… and you shouldn’t choose lg this time. because lg decreased their quality to produce cheaper…
hope this helps

Considering doing that but I just got the computer a few months ago. I would think It would last a year before conking out. If push comes to shove I will likely buy another one. The DVD still works fine.


if i were you i would have bought a dvd-writer. a good one not lg. and you can use your lg drive as cd and dvd-rom drive.
and i think you should call lg’s technical support. if it’s in warranty they have to fix it or send a new one. i hope you didnt use a hacked firmware…
good luck

Am considering that option of buying a DVD recorder but my options in Korea at times limited. I have to stick to LG or Samsung. If I am lucky a Japanese Brand like Sony.

My firmware is legit from the site. I was considering doing a hacked firmware for region unblocking but the latest version was beta so best to practice safe computing and stick with a legit copy.