Burning Problems Lame mp3's

I have a problem burning, Format 320kbps LAME MP3 Khz 44,100, with
Nero 7, they play OK on the media player from file, but when I burn them and play them back on my windows media player or any cd player, I get no sound,
has anybody got a fix for this.
thanks kello2u

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This is the wrong forum to post this into , it should be the Newbie forum. Maybe someone will move it.

What are you using to burn these CDs? And are the CDs supposed to be in MP3 form or Audio CD form - necessary for CD players generally.

thanks reposted in newbie forum,burning with nero7, the files are in lame Mp3 format audio, I’m new to this. i will look in newbie forum for ansers in future,
sorry about ths posting

Are you wanting to burn the MP3’s in an audio format that can be played in any cd player? Or are wanting to burn an MP3 disc whitch will only play in a DVD or CD player that will play MP3 format disc. You should be able to burn both formats MP3 and Wav using windows media player 11.

Not any cd/dvd player supporting mp3 is able to play 320er songs.