Burning problems...Im stuck

Hello all
First time here, but it sure looks like a wealth of info fom all of you is available.

Here is my problem…
I have Nero 6 ultra edition on my system…
Everytime I try to burn a cd/dvd it gets most of the way through the burn process and then windows just shuts down…no cras no error message its just like someone hit the shutdown button.

I used Nero info tool and it said there were no system aspi drivers so installed 4.7 adaptec drivers…same thing happens…

I then used the FORCE tool to remove/disable the 4.7 drivers and installed the 4.6 drivers that I read were more compatable…Still suts down 1/2 to 3/4 of the way through the burn process.

this happens on both cd and DVD’s and in both my Sony DRXu and my plextor 52x cd burner (sorry I dont have exact model numbers but I am at work atm…they are both about 1 year old)

I have been fighting this for some time now…every once in a while smaller burns will complete but most of the time they dont.

Using WINXP Pro SP1

Thank you in advance for any help/advice you can give me.

p.s. clone cd shutdown the system the same way…without even starting the burn process.



it´s relative easy to figure out what exactly causes your system to rebboot.

just go in your system settings --> system --> advanced --> start and restore (i think it the english option) and disable the automatic restart option.

next time when your system is shutting down, you´ll get a bluescreen with and error message. please post the message or a screenshot and i think we´ll be able to help you to solve your problem.


OK, I had the same problem with the latest aspi drivers from adaptec, I will look for the link to the site that I read the solution from, but in the meantime, The actual problem is that; 2 files in the 4.7 aspi drivers were semi compressed, ie; wowpost.ex_ ( should be wowpost.exe), and winaspi.dl_ ( should be winaspi.dll).
This is in Winxp mind you, as 2k is different.
Both files can be found in C:\Windows\System
I merely renamed the old files, then renamed the exisiting compressed files of the new download, and replaced repaired with new. This is done at your own risk of course, but it worked for me.
Below is the link.


can be a reason, but it´s also possible that the problem is caused an other driver, maybe sounddriver

Check in computer properties, hardware, devices the Primary and Secondary IDE Advanced tab: DMA if available should be on, not PIO.