Burning problems after system restore

Hi i am new to your forum :)…

Hoping you can help me fix my burner.

I have a Sony VAIO RB38g and it just been upgraded to the DRU-830A DVDRW.

Anyways i bought the computer from bestbuy. The old drvie that was in it stopped recording dvd’s. I have a PSP on the system so it was covered under warranty.

GEEKSQUAD setup the drive for me i got it home and was able to burn dvd’s i was happy :)… Used fujifilm DVD - r and Sony DVD + r

I was having problems with other things besides the dvdrw, so i did a system restore. Ever since i did that i was unable to burn dvd’s again. i only had 1x speeds in nero for making my own dvd’s using a dvd-r or +r.

I remember when i went to go pick my computer up, they said they were putting drivers in. So i assumed the drivers were on the cd that they didn’t give me. I updated the frimware to SS25 and still couldnt burn a dvd.

I’m not sure what i did…

I’m not sure what version of firmware they used if any at all. I ended up updating it again over the same verion that was already in it. From the 1st time i upgrded the firmware myself after doing a system restore.

As for now i can record a data dvd it records at 8x using FujiFilm DVD-r and 16x using sony dvd+r.

It wont let me even use my Sony dvd-rw V1.1 discs , i get errors even if i try to format or record something on the disc.

Other media i’m using is Memorex DVD+R DL not sure if i can record with these disc as of yet. I also have SOny Cd-r i havent tried to use these yet either

Thats all i know i’m really not sure what i can or can’t do.

Please help…

Thank You

Query transferred here from the firmware forum… :slight_smile:

When you did a system restore did you check device manager to see what it listed for your burner? If it’s the old burner listing uninstall it and restart your computer and see if it finds the correct drive. If unsure of firmware go check manufacture site.

Here a couple link to sony site on the specific model
firmware: 830A_SS25
check to see if your firmware matches with this one from sony site.

Forgot to ask what O/S are you using? If XP you should have to load drivers maybe for the software but shouldn’t need to windows should be able to load the drivers for it. If still having problem uninstall the sony writing cd program. I haven’t heard much good results from using sony software you might want to try Nero or another brand. But you can pick which software suits your needs and finances.