Burning problem

Hi I have recently upgraded my firmware to herrie’s 5 1.07 and when I try to burn a dvd I get a power calibration failure and it just fails. Could this possibly be the firmware for before I upgraded the firmware I had no problems.


It could be due to the firmware, the media, or your burning app.
There have not been any frequent power calibration error reports from people using 107v2b5, so I doubt it’s the firmware.
What media are you using?
If you’re using Nero, make sure to update to the latest version.

Well I have reinstalled the original 1.07 and it seems to have sorted out the problem. Its a shame because herries firmware also made my nec more compatibvle with -r’s and other things oh well.

I agree with wesociety, you should try upgrading your burning software. The first time I flashed to the first Herrie’s firmware is based on the HP 520i firmware, WinXP recognized my drive as new hardware (HP drive), and I suspect my burning software did too. I got the power calibration errors then. Since then, I’ve upgraded Nero and the problem went away and never came back, even with 1.07 B5. I’d try upgrading before giving up on Herrie’s excellent firmware.

I have v and I think thats the latest and i’m not argueing it is great firmware I couldnt even read certain disks before using his firmware it is great but is useless to me if I can’t burn anything.

Nope that’s not the latest. It’s extremely old.

That’s the version that I had problems with. Currently I’m on which is two or three versions beyond what you are using.

fixed it for me… damn i love these forums!