Burning problem

hi all,
my cd-rw (Phillips CDD3610), just stopped working. i was using easy CD, but i have been advised to try Nero instead. ive newly installed the demo version of nero & now get a
‘SCSI/ATAPI command time out error’ when trying to create an audio cd.
a freind said i need ASPI drivers - do i need to update these? how do i do this?
im a bit of a loss here, any help/pointers/advice would be greatly appreciated


well, you can install the aspi layer from the adaptec cd rom that came with your burner.
But i don’t think this will help you much.
The philips 3610 (and 3600 in my fall) do have a construction flaw, when the drive is in use there will be dust sucked into the drive. After a while you get the message “power calibration error”
The solution to this is to get yourself a torqe T7 (i think, kind of screwdriver) and open the drive and clean the lens of the laser with pure alcohol.
You can also try to clean the rails of the laser.

Good luck

Crowley: it’s not a good idea to clean a lens with pure alchohol!

1: because some lenses are made of some kind of plastic, alchohol can dissolve the plastic (and make the lens useless!)
2: when alchohol dries, it leaves a small residue behind -> this thin layer of “dry alchohol” could give problems with the performance of the drive!

To avoid the 2 problemens as mentioned above, use distilled water! It’s even cheaper than alchohol is :slight_smile:

You can also let the laser recalibrate. This is a nice hidden feature of Philips’ recorders

Turn the power off of your entire system
Press the eject button of the writer and KEEP it pressed

Turn the power on of your entire system (keep the eject button pressed !!). Do not let your system boot… (keep it in pause or bios/setup or something like that)

After a while the leds on the drive will flash and after about 10 seconds they will stop

Let go of the eject button now

Reset your entire system. Test your writer.

I tried this two times with this drive and it worked two times. After that i had saved enough money for a new plextor
but you’re right about the destroying of some plastic lenses with pure alcohol

The phillips was also sold as a hp7200i drive I think. I had one of these drives and got a message similiar to what happened to you and I cleaned the lens with water and oiled the rail, it worked almost a year and then it finally just broke, one of the reasons was because I must have burnt over a 1000 discs with it.