Burning Problem



Hi all slight problem here that i was hoping someone would be able to help out with.

I can burn (that is to say the disc gets written too) but when I try to read the burnt disc in my or any other cd player it will not read the info on the disc. Although when i put the disc back in the the CDR it can see all the files no problem, i don´t have this problem when i copy psx cd´s my reader can see all the files, and the cd works in the playstation it just seems to be with pc disc´s that i have the problem.

i am using
CDR Mitsumi cr-4804 TE
and Nero

Any ideas about this…


I don’t know u - So I’m looking for an easy answer.
When u burnt the cd did it write a table of contents (TOC) ?
If not - there is your problem.
Usually a CDR can read more than a CDROM.
Perhaps you are burning with the wrong method.
Maybe nero doesn’t support your CDR.
It’s all possible.
Try using other Cd’s and other programs.
To copy protected cd’s try Duplicator.
To copy files from your hard drive try easy cd creator (It’s very user-friendly)


Thanks for the advice, i will try a different burning program and see if that makes any difference…


it is totally possible that the laser on your CDROM drive has broken. this happened to me on some of my older drives, so it depends on how old your drive is.

also, it might be the version of nero you are using. for instance, doesn’t let me write at anything higher than 4x with my 6x drive, but works fine at 6x.

it may also be the media you are using, try getting a highly reflective disc brand, such as memorex, or mitsui.

that’s about all i can tell ya without knowing the specifics of your comp.