Burning problem

Hi all I’m new to this forum and my english isnt really much good so please have mercy on me :slight_smile:

I got a prob with burning the game “Aero Elite Combat Academy”.

I already burned lots of my ps2 DVD games sucessfully(Metal gear, AceCombatunsung war,spiderman,…) except for "Aero Elite Combat Academy " , its a cd and not a dvd.I made an Iso but it doesnt work. I usually burn with alcohol120% (DVD-r , CD-r) and like I said everything I burned so far works fine.

The ISO i made has the following files in it :http://img3.imagebanana.com/view/56nwmf3e/Unbenannt.bmp.png

I also found the game via internet on rapidshare downloaded it and burned it on CD and DVD but both didnt worked.

Ive got a modded ps2 (with matrix infinity). The weird thing is as I found it on rapidshare its just 660mb large and it says its a cd. ANd all my working games are ps2-DVDs bout 4,… gb large.

I’d really appreciate any help on that.

PS: here’s a link with the game on rapidshare , maybe some of you wanna load it n try it.

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K cheers Bro0kLYn

The original would appear to be a cd rather than a dvd (some ps2 games are).

Make a fresh image of your original cd with alcohol using either playstation or playstation 2 datatype settings and then burn the image to a cdr with the same settings.

Assuming your writer can read and write dao96, since your ps2 is mod-chipped, the back-up copy should then work.

thx for the quick reply. Ehh ya i made a fresh image ( its the iso image I made linked above . But it doesnt work, I’m not sure whether it contains the right files or I did something wrong.

where do I set either psx or ps2 settings in alcohol120 ? I just found a setting for ps2. But k ill try it out again , but the thing is that all my games I burned so far work fine .Theres just one difference namely all my other games are DVD n not cd .

Make the image using alcohol’s native format mds/mdf not iso.