Burning problem

I’m correcting my earlier thread. I am burning with a Sony dru-842a internal burner and using verbatim dvd-r discs that go up to 8x. I am burning at 4x and my discs aren’t working right in my dvd player or my PC. They start out in a random spot in the movie and play a scene then stops. I have used these discs before on my older burner and they worked fine.


Why at 4x and what program are you using and some more spec info on your system may help in getting good answers as we aren’t very good mindreaders-eh

Burning at 4x because I was already told to try to use a slower burning speed. I am using dvd shrink

Does the movie play correctly on the computer from the hard drive? (not from this burned disk in other words).

yes and i’ve tried burning at 4x and 8x but still get exact same thing. My burner says it accepts dvd-r with a max of 16x while my blanks are a max of 8x. Could my discs be the problem?


Again we need information - what discs are you using-eh???

Verbatim printable dvd-r
speed: up to 8x
capacity: 4.7GB


Appears that your burner is a rebadged Optiarc 7200A - which means it is a very good burner-

Are you in usa? (you don’t say) - and if so would advise going to Best Buy and getting a 50 pack or two of Verbatim 16x +R discs (on sale this week for $13 each) and burn those at 8x - should give you good burns-eh

Thanks I’ll try it.