Burning problem

Wonder if anyone can help?
I have an IBM Thinkpad T 41.
It has a Hitachi GCC-4242N multi purpose drive.
This drive allows me to read CDs, Watch DVDs and play music CDs.
But it will not burn CDs or allow me to boot the laptop from it using an original XP Pro CD. Nor will it read an ISO image to update the firmware.
After some hours reading threads I did come across the advise to turn on “IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service” in services.msc.
This service was in fact turned off, so I set it as Automatic.
All the other CD drives in the house have “DLA” as a tab in the properties of the drive. The Thinkpad does not have this.
Is this the problem and where does it (the DLA program) come from?

[QUOTE=timstratton;2154713]But it will not burn CDs or allow me to boot the laptop from it using an original XP Pro CD.[/QUOTE]

Think you have two separate problems here. Booting from a bootable CD/DVD needs to be enabled in the BIOS Setup before it will work. Press Del (or follow the on-screen instructions) to enter Setup when you first turn the laptop on and then look through the pages until you find a Boot Order or Boot Sequence. This should be set to something like CDROM, A, C depending on whether you have a floppy drive etc.

As for buring CD’s; what software are you using. I’d recommend ImgBurn, it’s free and includes any drivers etc. that you will need.

Nor will it read an ISO image to update the firmware.

I’ll need some more info on this one; are you trying to update the firmware for your DVD-ROM/CDRW drive? If so then you’ll need a firmware flashing program specific to your drive and a file containing the updated firmware.



Thanks Midders,

You up early/ late.

Will try that solution with imgburn, I am currently using Roxio Easy Media Creator vers 8.

I was indeed trying to flash my firmware…using the ISO file from the Lenovo site.

Oh, and yes, got the boot order right in the bios.

Thanks for the tip, will let you know what happens, though now think it has something to do with the upper and lower filters,whatever the bleep those are.

IMGBurn results:

It looked encouraging, but ended up with this:

I/O error
Device[1:0:0] hl-dt-st–rw/dvd gcc-4242n 0201 d: (ata)
Interpretation:check condition
CDB 2A 00 FF FF 6A 00 00 21 00
Interpretaion: Write 10-Sectors 150 _ _ 119
Sense Area 70 00 03 00 00 00 OA 00 00 00 00 OC 00 00 00 00 00
Interpretation:Write error

Oh dear

I’ve looked at the Lenovo website and the .ISO file contains everything you need. Since you’re having burning problems why not just install Daemon Tools Lite and mount the image file. (Edit: just read some more of the instructions ftp://ftp.software.ibm.com/pc/pccbbs/mobiles/fwod08en.txt and realised that this won’t help since the ISO is used to create a bootable CD with its own OS. Ony thing I can recommend now is to burn the ISO on another PC and test the resulting CD there).

As for the ImgBurn problem, if you post a full log here http://club.cdfreaks.com/f153/ I expect someone more knowledgeable than me might be able to help you :slight_smile:


P.S. I’m nocturnal most of the time and especially in the winter.

Hi and thanks for your help.
Found this and it told me a lot about my drive that I did not know:
Actually the Thinkpad belongs to the kid, and he has now gone back to uni’ so will shelve this project until Christmas.
Thanks again and hope there were no tornadoes in West Sussex (my Dad lives in Chichester)