Burning problem



hi guys i’m new here so plz. bear with me…:o
my problem is…my newly burn cd is not playing in my cd player and dvd player…what do you think the problem??
is it the file format?my file is MPEG 1…plz help…


Need a lot more information. You have burned a vcd, is that correct?

What tools did you use to make the vcd? What type of disks and what burning speed did you use?

Open the cd with Nero CD/DVD Speed and tell us the mid code of the disk by looking at the Disc Info tab. http://www.cdspeed2000.com/ You may have poor quality media.

Open the vcd with Gspot video utility or MediaInfo and see if the specifications fit those of a vcd. Those vary a little bit according to whether you are in a country that uses PAL or NTSC. Here is a link showing requirements for vcd: http://www.videohelp.com/vcd


man i tried burning in dvd in total video converter software…it says that it succesfully burnt but when i try to play in a dvd player…it can’nt be played…what’s wrong with it…?


do you have ym?can i have it so that we can chat when i want to ask question properly…plz man^__^


Ok, you’re burning to dvd not cd. That is a different subject.

And since you are using a converter, I’d guess you are starting with either an avi file or a mp4 file.

Try converting with DVDFlick or FAVC to go to dvd video format. Burn to disk with ImgBurn. Use good media like Verbatim 16x disks and burn at 8x or 12x speed, depending on your burner. If you are using a laptop drive, burn at 8x.

Of course I’m just guessing here at what you are starting with and your intended output. Let me know if you are trying to do something different.


[QUOTE=2seije3;2155654]do you have ym?can i have it so that we can chat when i want to ask question properly…plz man^__^[/QUOTE]

Sorry to say we here users don’t IM of any kind. So it’s best if you can answer Kerry56 questions and post your specs of your system and software configuration.


post your log, so we can see what is going on.
It’s easy COPY,and PASTE to a new blog.