Burning problem



Hi – I’m new to this forum, not new to DVDFab but new to version
I have a recurring burning problem with this version (my first of the version 3s).
The DVD rips fully, but frequently the burn step starts, goes immediately to “finalize” and then ejects the target DVD. In fact, the burning does not initialize at all. There is nothing wrong with my DVD burner, I use it with Nero all the time with no problems. I have learned that if I open the Temp folder and remove anything left over from a previous burn, that solves the problem, but sometimes the temp folder is completely empty and I still get this mysterious behavior. Is this a known issue and if so – what can I do about it and will the beta cure the problem.
Thank you for a wonderful program and for all the help.


I’ve read other posts and forums where some are having probs. with 3086, and updating to 3090b,has fixed it. good luck!!
DVDFab is an awesome prog. I use it all time. :cool:


Like t0nee1 said other members have been having issues with version but have updated to version beta and I have not heard of any problems with it as of yet.
You can get version beta from HERE


Yup, agree with the suggestions to update to v. Beta. It’s definitely the first logical step. I experienced problems and reverted to v. as a temporary work-around. My sense is that problems were fairly prevalent…I sent out quite a few emails for users requesting previous versions.
Ultimately, the upgrade seems to have done it … :wink:

Good luck and let us know.


You might want to try to remove the DVDFAB reboot your computer and then reinstall the FAB and see if that works out to solve the problem.