Burning problem



I am having difficulties when attempting to copy my DVD’s. I use CloneDVD and AnyDVD to do this.

Now when i try it will copy to the HDD but then on about 10%-30% onto the disk it produces an error and the disk becomes useless.

I was wondering if any of you knew what i could be.

More information.
I formatted my computer the other day and i was able to copy 1 DVD. After that nothing. So i formatted it again, able to copy one DVD afterwards nothing.

Its not the disks as i have always used the same type of disk before.

I have not changed my dvd drive either.

Not due to new DVD’s as AnyDVD will do most protection and also i was able to copy the first time after the reformat of my computer. Just not after the first time.

I just cant think what else it could be. Even a broken DVD drive would mean it would not work the first time right?

I thought that maybe after the first copy some settings may have changed themselves but reinstalling the software dont help either.


Hi Mageyed
When you do the first backup and it works are you trying to make another backup of the same disc :confused:
Also when it does nor work the second time and you reformat you system and do another backup do you use the same disc that you used the first time :confused:
The reason I ask is because some dvd’s install software to prevent you from making copies, I know Sony uses a software called “rootkit” that install undetected .
Next time you do a reformat and before you put in the dvd to make the backup turn off auto run and see if that helps
NOT saying that this is the case


It does not matter if its the same disk or not, it does not work with any. Even ones i have successfully copied in the past. Even DVD’s that are about 4-5 years old.


First off we need to know what version the software is and what dvd our duplicating. Also what is the exact error message and when does it occur at what point of the process? Without knowing the software version your using and the burner drive we won’t be of much help with vague problem questions?