Burning Problem

When I go to burn with DVD Decrypter and I select the .bin file I want to burn it says

"Your image doesn’t appear to be of the correct format for burning onot a DVD.

Image format: MODE2/FORM1/2352
DVD format: MODE1/2048

Would you like to continue?"

I clicked yes and it burned, when I went to test it in my DVD player it didn’t work, I then tested it in my PS2 but that didn’t work either.

Please Help =)

It sounds like its the wrong format for the PS2 (as it said) I dont use a PSx so I dont know what the right format is.
But I do know that there are ‘bin cue’ files that can be used for CD/DVD images and I expect its just the wrong one.

Mainly bin files are used as CD images , not DVD.

What size is the file as anything less than about 810mb will fit on a 700mb CD-R.