Burning problem

I use Musicmatch to burn multisession cd’s, everytime I get a new song, I add the song to it’s relevant backup cd but I am getting this error message with 2 songs in particular trying to add them to their respective backup multisession cd’s:

“The disc you are trying to create must be burned to blank media. The media currently inserted in the selected drive has data from a previous session that has been imported into another disc. The disc with the imported content must be burned or ejected before any other disc can be created”

Any ideas what this means and any fixes please? Thanks.

You must continue a Multisession disk with the program you have started it …

This can’t be it Chef, I have only always used MM for Multisessions!

It means there is some problem with the disc and you need to start a new disc for the songs. Always remember with multisession there can be problems! Ever time you add a new session there is a chance the software can cause an error in the opening or closing of the session. Some times it can even make the disc unreadable. Seen it happen many times.

Apparently this is not the case here, just burned those 2 songs on their respective multisession cd’s and it worked, this is not the first time I have gotten this error message, just don’t know why this happens every now and then but thanks for letting me know that these problems do happen with multisession burning!

Multisession with CDDA?

Huh, it won’t make sense to me…