Burning Problem



Hey Guys,

I am having a bit of weird problem. the dvd compiling just stops couple of seconds after starting. I am using nero to burn it using sony dru-810a on taiyo yuden discs. it’s weird nothing like this has ever happened to me before. it is a dvd movie. and this problem is only happening with this particular disc. i also tried using dvdshrink but same problems. it is only happening with dvds of this particular author. and the weird part is when you look at the name of the disc in like my computor its weirdly named. Example : Moviename . instead of just Moviename. I wonder if this could be the problem. Please guide.



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Please tell us more about how you prepared this compilation (what proggys used) and the movie title.


I am using Nero Recode just to compress the the movie and burn it. the name of the movie is RANGDEBASANTI. But on the title of the movie it says RANGDEBASANTI . Like with a lot of space behind it. I think that is messing things up. Please Help.


Hey Guys,

Any idea on how i can try and burn this movie? I am pretty sure that the Title is somehow causing the problems as I checked out most of collection and no other movie has their title in such weird way. its like:

Regular title : [RANGDEBASANTI]
This disc title : [RANGDEBASANTI ]

Any ideas guys?