Burning problem

i just recently had an AOpen 16x DVD±R/RW drive installed in my computer. I had burned a couple of DVDs and only 2 CDs and then the drive stopped reading my cds, dvds, and cd-roms so i had it replaced. on the new drive i have burned several cds and they all play fine until i get to the very end of the cd. it makes a weird noise for like 5 seconds at the very end of the last track. it has done this on all the cds ive burned so far except one. i decided to check the 2 cds i had burned from the first drive i originally had (the one that stopped reading the cds) and they ended the same way…with that awful noise at the end. i have tried burning on nero 6, real player, and record now…the only audio cd that was good and didnt make that noise at the end was burned using record now (i have tried burning more on record now but they still have the problem) can someone please help me? anyone know whats my problem?

thanks in advance

Sounds like another return to me!