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I have a dell Dimension 3000 with a nec±nd-3450a dvd burner and during the clone dvd ripping stage it only burns about half the disk and then i get a error message WriteDVD 10 11 W2 and something about bad media, but the media works fine on my other dvd burner and not this one, i’ve tried about ten times now and all faliures. I have reinstalled the driver, spyware and virus scanned, reinstalled anydvd and clone dvd, and also brought the pc backl to a later restore point. And the problem still occurs. Simmilar problems also occur when useing Sonic MYdvd. And dell support is tring to tell me it is a software issue and not hardware, so they can charge me. But it seems that the burning stop at around the same point on the bottom of the disk. Any advise would be appreciated.

What anti virus and spyware software do you use?

Try flash updating the firmware for your burner. Go to the burner manufacturer’s website support to get new versions of firmware.

Use only high quality media. Do a seach or go to the media forum threads here on cdfreaks for info.

You did not say what version of CloneDVD and what kind of media you are using.

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Ad-aware SE 1.06, Microsoft antispyware beta, macafee security center 05, Anydvd, clone dvd, and JVC 4x 4.7gb DVD-r media and i have been useing this type for about a year with no issues.

Suggest updating firmware. Media manufacturing specs change and there is no indication of it on the packaging.

I think Dell is right in saying it’s a software issue, I do believe it was Dell that put the s$$t Sonic software on your computer. You can try to disable any Sonic startup entries and give it a shot. If that doesn’t work I would uninstall Sonic completely.
It is known to cause conflicts with other burning software.

@ freez00742,

Normally the Dell Dimension 3000 software package contains Sonic DLA (Sonic Drive Letter Access) packet writing program. Packet writing software programs are noted for causing conflict errors problems.

Suggest removing all packet writing software from your system and use a Widows Registry clearer to remove remaining remits from your registry.

Also as suggested by Forum Member Whisperer1 ensure you have the latest most up to date firmware installed on your NEC ND-3450A DVD Burner. For information on how to do this visit the CD Freak NEC DVD Burner Forum (http://club.cdfreaks.com/forumdisplay.php?f=86) and review the Read First postings located in the beginning of the Forum.

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