Burning problem

First off Hello all I am a new member,
I’ve had a benq dw1620 pro for about 6 weeks worked no prob then it stoped over burning then burning onto dvd-R, only on rewritables now it dosent even read blank discs
but it reads Cd’s and dvd’s previosly burned, and flashing to b7v9 didn’t help
I use nero 6 for burning.
any Ideas what could be the problem? any suggestions

Have you upgraded or changed anything. If it will write on any dvd at all, the unit is ok. Have you changed media brand or type?

There’s always been the widespread belief that overburning can damage your burner. I’ve never known whether this is fact or fiction, but if you’ve been doing it regularly & now your burner is refusing to burn then maybe there’s some truth in it.

Would he then not also be unable to burn RW’s, which he states that he can burn…

Now it won’t burn anything and I haven’t changed anysettings could it be just nero?

Try going into device manager, remove primary ide and secondary ide and reboot. Windows will autodetect all devices and drivers. Then try to burn again. Report back…

well I contacted benQ and they told me that My drive was done for so I replaced it, hope I doesen’t happen Again

Thanks for the Quick reply