Burning Problem with Yamaha F1!

Hi, i got the writer for all most 2 weeks now and i’ve burnt 7 cds using x-media cdrs and all of these cds were detected by CDCheck and they all have errors:(…neway i’m using Nero and firmware 1.0d with OWSC enabled…

i’ve try lower the writer speed and still no go:(…any idea y this happened?..also i never see the OWSC in action too…

do u guys think is problem is the medias??

Neway any help will be apperciate!!


try the newest nero. my yamaha looks the same like yours. new nero -> no problems :bigsmile:

-> Version :cop:

What version of Nero u r using? :cool:

the yamaha is very picky about media though.

Here yamaha’s list. Here. Click on support, then media.

It sure needs quality cdrs, but try to disable OWSC and write at lower speeds. I now use only TY disks…

yeah at first, i thought it didn’t like my ty’s, then after i got the frive rma’ed, it worked great.