Burning Problem with USb1108



Desperartley looking for help.

I have an Emprex USB1108 8x dvd/cd burner which is fine for burning CD’sbut i am trying to copy a DVD with 1clickdvdcopy and I keep getting an error message saying ‘unit attention, power on or BUS device reset occured’ I have tried uodating firmware but apparently the firmware I have is the most up to date. Can anyone help!!!


Hi and welcome at CDF,

have you tried other software and have the same problem with it? If you haven’t tried then I would suggest to downlaod the trial versions of CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD from SlySoft.


yes I’ve tried DVD shrink and Nero, it has worked before on both DVD shrink and on 1clickdvd copy but can’t get it too work now, is it a software or hardware problem? I have made sure I have no other applications running when trying it but to no avail. It copies the DVD no problem but just won’t burn.


OK, so it…

[li] …reads and burns CD´s without problems
[/li][li] …copies the DVD to the HD without problems
[/li][li] …won’t burn DVDs

I assume that you have a hardware problem or a problem caused due IRQ conflicts. First you should check out if the burner is defective. Is it possible for you to try the burner with an other PC ?

Here what I’ve found about the message http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=72420&highlight=Unit+attention+Power+On+or+Bus+device+reset+occured


Unfortunately I can’t try it with another PC. Sorry what is IRQ I am new to this and how can i resolve any conflicts?