Burning problem with Nero 5 & LG 4120B

First post here.
I have just upgraded my trusty LG 8080B CD Burner for an LG 4120B.
Now I can’t get Nero to burn.

I go through the steps in Nero wizard and get to “Save Image file”. I select the DVD icon, then Nero prompts “Please insert disk into drive I” there is a disk in the drive. That’s my problem.

Everything worked with the CD Brenner.
I did install some DVD tools (PowerDVD, CD roller, etc. and then un-installed them.

I have a primary master drive (4.3gb with windows 2k on), a Primary slave (120gb with data, pics, etc.) and the DVD brenner is on Secondary slave.

What have I done wrong?

Cheers for any help given.

Hi and welcome aboard!

I think that your Nero version is a little old to recognise this burner. If you pay a visit to Nero’s website and download a new version of Nero, the installer will upgrade your current version.

I’ll make this one easy for you (as your new here): a nice link: http://www.nero.com/en/nero-up_vor.php

Good luck and report back in case of failure or success!

I have updated Nero with the link that you provided.

Nero does not appear to recognize my optical drive. When I select “recorder - choose recorder” the LG 4120B is not listed, only Image Recorder Virtual device.

What should I do next?

In this case, the update seems not to contain an update for your drive.

Maybe you should consider upgrading to v 6.x