Burning problem with LTR32123S


I burn my first audio CD at 16X and it is unreadable even in my computer ? I burn with Feurio 1.65 at the end of burning process feurio display a C2 error message …

I got a Plextor 40max SCSI drive with DC-315U Tekram card
and of course LTR32123S in master alone on secondary IDE

Windows XP , Duron 256Mo SDRAM

I guess you have updated to the latest firmware version and tried different types of high quality media?

Yes i have updated the last firmware to XSO but i have used TDk 12X “metallic” CDR.

I have done test with CDRW it works may be liteon doesn’t like TDK “metallic” disc.

I will try with verbatim 24X and i will tell you

Can it came from my plextor CDrom Drive ?

Plextor is normally god stuff so that is not what I suspect first.

I recommend kodak or mitsui media.

KodaK for audio recording ? they doesn’t do >12X speed CDR’s ?
( I am in france )

In fact i have done another test with a different audio source CD a Memorex 16X CDR with Nero at 32X on the fly … and it works very well … so it my be the original CD , the TDK cdr or the burning software :slight_smile: … but it is not my drive :smiley:

Have you ever heard some problems with 32123s and TDK 12X “metallic” RefleX ?

By the way do you know any soft that can indicates the quality of the tracks of your CD’s to compare different kind of burning ?

try Exact AUdio Copy (EAC)

It depends on the manufacturer of the TDK discs:

Manufactured by TDK :crap quality
Manufactured by Taiyo Yuden: Good up to 20X recording
Manufactured by ritek: medium quality, max 20X writing.

EAC: www.exactaudiocopy.de or feurio: www.feurio.de

In fact the manufacturer of my TDK 12X “metallic” is TDK so crap quality :stuck_out_tongue: .

May be it was that , i didn’t experience that before i thought high speed burning with bad media causes “scratches” during the playing. I didn’t know the media could be unreadable.

So i will buy Kodak in the future for audio … and what about CMC, Imation Manufacturer’s