Burning problem with DVD+RW DL drive



Hi to the forum. I’m having some problems burning DVD’s with AnyDVD and my DVD writer. I am using a Philips DVD8601 DVD+RW DL. My copying software is Roxio 6. It seems my software detects theat I have a writer that has Double Layer burning capabilities. If I try to burn a DVD that is over 4.7 GB it kicks the DVD out and tells me I need larger destination media. I purchased some DVD+R DL media (8.5 GB) @ $8 a disk. Now when I use the DL media I get a message that my "source and destination an incompatible? I then tried a different burning software called “Sonic” and it acted like it was going to burn the kicked out the disk. It also closed session on the disk rendering it useless. I ruined two disks in a matter of minutes. (ouch!) Is there anyone that is experiencing this problem or can someone help me on this? I only have 10 more trial days left and I would like to purchase this if I can get it to work. Thanks! :confused:


Roxio sucks and causes lots of conflicts with other burning applications. AFAIK Roxio 6 is not capable of burning DL media at all!?


Use DVDShrink (with Nero) or
AnyDVD with CloneDVD2.

Forget Roxio. Vomitator is absolutely right. I had the same experience, like many others with Roxio.


Will CloneDVD2 work as an unencryption program or do you need AnyDVD also? Thanks


Clone dvd does not remove css protection on dvds.
Use anydvd + clonedvd2, they are fast and the quality of dvds is really good.