Burning problem with 451 and LiteOn tooling

My PC config as following:
Win 2000 CHT Sever SP4
P2B MB + PIII-500 + 392MB Ram
Nero 551054 upgraded from old version
InCD 4.0
KProbe 1.28
Fireware GSB7

Blank disk used as ricohjpnr01 4X DVDR+ / team5 AZO 4X DVDR+

I am new and no experience for DVD. The burning quality with richo DVD disk or normal CDR is excellent and stable.

I have 3 question for this drive that sometimes make problem with some toolings such as KProbe + booktype

When it is version GSB6, i have experience to using the KProbe to read the blank DVDR+ information before start burning data disk with nero.
Then I switch on nero (InCD not installed) to burn DVDR+ data disk. After finish, I find it is unreadable.
I reboot my pc again and burn again where KProbe is not switch on when using nero, this time it is sucess as normal and same quality of pi/po

I want to know is it must reboot again after using Kprobe or DVDInfo or LtnFW tooling even just querying… Otherwise, the writer will not work normally, anyone have same experience

The firmware is GSB7 and I switch on DVDR+ as DVDROM by booktype tooling before nero is switch on to burning the disk. The result is fail as the burnt DVD+ is unreadable
BookType tooling tell me the burnt DVDR+ is DVDROM
I using nero 551054 and InCD4 now

Q3 I buy a 10 piece pack set of Team5 AZO DVD+ blank disk
it allow me to write at 4X and 2.4X when I using firmware GSB6
But the quality is worst as write error at the end of disk or high pi/po where reading of disk is hung. Is this disk is bad quality.

Thanks for ur reply

My 50 oere guess…

A1. Conflicting “ASPI” drivers. Yes I know, Nero has its own ‘aspi’.
Why start Kprobe anyway? Use DVD Identifier.! :wink:
Use “KillAspi” if you can´t solv it.

A2. Read the bitsetting tool GUIDE once or twice more.!
Many ppl have problem to understand “how to”.

A3. Try BETTER MEDIA. Your “AZOs” sounds cheap…
Your media?

at 3
but buy a better media is not solve the problem
not all ppl have money to do
i had a plextor before and it burn all
now i have liteon 451s and have same problem with dvd+r
when i use esperanza record x4 is dont work
x2 is ok is s**t :frowning:


Refer to Q2:
Anyone has same experience that using KProbe / DVDInfo or similiar tooling that may or may not involve ASPI and then using nero to burning. and burnt media is unreadable…

my conclusion is to aviod problem happens on burning, it is better to reboot the pc again in case u using such tooling. (cost for a good blank dvd is quite expensive)