Burning Problem please HELP


can someone please help me as i am having a reocurring problem that is very annoying.
I have always used the same programs to burn films, DVD dycrpt and Nero to compress and burn. this has worked for me for years without a problem.

Now in the middle of burning when using Nero my whole computer randomly shut downs. i do not know why it is happening. Some films it burns without a problem, however a lot of the time it keeps shuting down my whole computer no matter how many times i try

Can someone help… is this a new copyright protection thing? or is there another problem?

Maybe you should try another burning program. Also check if there is anything running in the background. If another program works, then there is probably a problem with Nero. If it still shuts down, then I would suspect that your pc is probably over heating.

thanks for the responce

i never run other programs while burning. i also tried another program, i ran an ‘advanced analysis’ on DVD shrink and it still shutsdown after a while.

On nero it shuts down after awhile if i run an advanced analysis, or if i skip this it burns it for awhile and shutsdown…

Any ideas? do you think it may be that the dvd file is corrupt? as in DVD dycrpt did not dycript it properly?

it could be a bad psu (power supply unit), a root kit, or packet writing software…

i do not seem to have packet weriting software…

i tried burning another DVD and it worked. but i’m guessing this was a one off lucky thing, as again i was trying to export a project from adobe preimiere using media encoder and the computer shuts down automaticaly.

strangley wen i am burning simple data dvd discs it seems to work fine.

i am asuming it is a faulty PSU, any suggests for me to go about this? i also have noticed that the fan for the computer has always been very loud

if you have another psu around (like another computer or a friend) switch it and try to do what causes your comp. to shut down. what kind of heatsink and fan do you have (stock or did you buy a better 1)? it sounds like you might be overheating. search the hardware forum for some tools to help you out.

before you replace the PSU you might want to look into the overheating option. encoding or transcoding video is a very intensive process and it’s very possible it’s heat and not power that is causing the reboots.

the reason i say this is beacuse PSU issues tend to be more random, and from you rstatements it seems pretty consistent that dvd processing causes shutdowns.

can you check temps in your BIOS or use a 3rd party program like everest home edition to check temps inside your case?

you said your fan has been loud lately…can you check to make sure that all fans inside your case are properly spinning and working?

sometimes the solution is something as simple as blowing out the dust and gunk that is clogging the fans and vents with a can of compressed air. if this is your problem, this will probably reduce the heat a LOT. Even if this is not your problem, it’s never a bad idea to keep the inside of your case clean and gunk free!

like i said, i’m not discounting the PSU suggestion, but checking for heat problems is less expensive and invasive and it probably a better first step. if you clean out the gunk and the temps measure normal then by all means try to replace the PSU.