Burning problem-pioneer 216 with +R DL

Hi i have a pioneer dvr 216 with 1.06 firmware and when i try to burn a vertibatim +R DL with imgburn(latest version 2.4…) it does not set the booktype to dvd rom. any suggestions on how to fix this issue as i need the +R DL to b set to DVD-ROM?? thanks for ur help

Before we try to figure out just where the problem is, what makes you think that the DVD+R DL discs are not being booktyped to -ROM?

It is not being booktyped because after the burn and verifacation in imgburn then u scroll down to last recorded infomation and it says there that the booktype is DVD+R DL

It is ALWAYS set to DVD-ROM on DVD+R DL media. Period!

Whatever some drive/software reports.