Burning Problem (Pioneer 109)



Hello all ! First post here, hoping someone can help me out!

I recently purchased a Pioneer 109 for my new computer that I put together. In my old computer i have a Pioneer dvr-105.

I’ve been making Dvd disks using Tmpgenc DVD author. The AUDIO_TS and the VIDEO_TS folders.

My problem is:
When i burn a disk using the 109, my standalone DVD player ( an Electrohome EH8181A ) does not load it up. But i’ll burn those exact same files with my 105, and the dvd player will recognize it.
At first I thought it was the burner itself, then i thought it may be the fact that it is a dual layer burner (the 109), now i’m beginning to think that it is the DVD player. But this player plays EVERYTHING. Why won’t it play the disks that the 109 burns?

By the way, I am using TDK minus R disks!


It could be that you just got a defective drive that has a too weak laser. Since the same media works fine burned with your DVR-105 then we can assume it’s not your software or media. If it was purchased retail and locally, I’d just return it for exchange. Otherwise, you may have to contact Pioneer for an RMA.


Check to see if the discs are properly finalized.


Can you read the burned disc on your PC?


allright, i can read the burnt disk on the computer. It plays fine.
allan1476, i am using the dvd writing tool in tmpeg dvd author to burn the disks. It says it is finalizing just before it finishes.


Ok, It seems then that your Pioneer drive is okay - have you tried to burn the media at a lover speed? Could you perhaps try the copy in another dvd player? You could also try to burn the files with Nero.


Hi out there. My 1st time on line,I just fitted a new Ao9XLS Burner to my Computer 3200 athalon,2 gig mem & I have had problems burning original copys also ,I use 1 click DVD With DVD region & CSS free.I found that if you put your original copy to a DVD-RW it burns slower & I get perfect copys every time. Then recopy to a normal DVD @ normal speeds & ferfect copy with no faults at all,I hope this helps you it sure works for Me. PS .You will also save discs & stress levells.


I burn everything at 1x!
I will try these burnt dvd’s on another dvd player today, and get back with the results.


“I burn everything at 1x!” :doh:

Here’s your problem, 99% sure.

Despite what you read here and there on the Internet, you have no need whatsoever to burn at such slow a speed, unless your discs are only 1X-2X specified. Burn your disks at their rated speed, or slightly slower if you encounter any problems with the rated speed.

Many disks give actually worse results at very low speeds. This can easily be checked with quality tests, you can perform them with DVDInfopro on the 109.

Furthermore, the 109 is a high-speed drive and is probably not tweaked to burn at very low speeds. It certainly uses a different laser beam than older models like the 105, so to be able to write at high speeds. Using it to burn @1x is certainly not a good idea. You can never get the best of both worlds in a single piece of hardware…

Try burning at higher speeds (unless, like I said, your discs are 1X-2X discs, then keep on writing them with the 105…). What are exactly your TDK disks by the way? (rated speed, mediacode…)


Francksoy, the dvd-r’s that im using are TDK DVD-R 8X 4.7G
I’ll try burning at 4X on the pioneer 109 and get back to you with the results


Suggest you try 8x 1st :slight_smile:


Hi Mr. Brownstone :slight_smile:

“Suggest you try 8x 1st” :iagree:

You were quicker than me… :wink:


Hey guys!
Thanks a million, I burned a dvd disk at 8x and it worked!
Thanks again guys :slight_smile:


Well you know what they say great minds and all that :slight_smile:


“Thanks a million, I burned a dvd disk at 8x and it worked!”
Great! Now join us in spreading the word: the “burning at lower speed for compatibility” dogma :disagree:
totally misses the point, which is
“finding the right media/burner/speed combination”. :iagree:

@Mr. Brownstone
I take that as a compliment :bigsmile:


Sorry, but I doubt it that you have done that with these disks.
The Pioneer mediatables show that it is not possible with the 109…


“The Pioneer mediatables show that it is not possible with the 109…”

Sure, I suspect he selected 1X in Tmpgenc DVD Author and didn’t notice the burn was actually performed @2X:wink: - which still seems to slow for the TDK media to ensure cross-players compatibility… ? Just guessing here.


Yeah, but even 2x should not be possible with 8x rated DVD-R media.

Please see here.


Wow! A success story! :cool:


“Yeah, but even 2x should not be possible with 8x rated DVD-R media.”

Indeed. - hem… except, if I understand their table (this X*1 is confusing :confused: ), for unsupported medias, which is not the case for 8X TDK -R.

So it actually seems that xbucklawx couldn’t ever burn slower than 4X! :eek:

Insightful point, Chef ! :o :bow: