Burning problem in VCD/DVD mode - File size trebles! Help!



I hope some kind soul can help me out here.

I just bought a DVD burner today - LITEON 16x. When I choose to make a Data disk it seems to run exactly as my previous CD RW Drive. However when I choose the VCD/DVD modes the file size comes up as approximately 3 times its actual size. One 2.81Mb file comes up as 6Mb, another 700Mb file comes up as being 2.56Gb. I have tried Nero 6 and Power Producer, and the same thing happens in both programs.

Is there something that I am doing wrong. My PC has all the necessary specs recommended on the DVD drive’s box. When installing I simply unplugged my old CD writer and replaced it with this - there were no drivers supplied - I believe Windows detected it it OK.

If anyone could shed some light on this I’d be eternally grateful



not quite sure what your trying to do from your question but if your converting vcd to dvd then the file size will get bigger.


While VCD is a valid DVD resolution, I think the programs are assuming you want to reencode them… You’ll have to do a bit more work yourself if you want to make them playable in any DVD player and not reencode them. Look into some VCD to DVDR without Reencoding guides over at VideoHelp.com