Burning Problem - GSA-2164D

I bought this new external rewriter few days ago in Hong Kong!

When I burn data into CD, there is no problem.

But when I burn data into DVD, the burning process hang and hold at the percentage of the burning at Nero Express 6.0. After I stop the process and try to burn data again into CD. There is an unknown error message occured.

Now, I can’t burn anything with this burner but I can read DVD & CD at the drive.

Please help me!

Hi and welcome @CDF!

First question: Is the drive connected to an USB2.0 (High Speed) port?
Second: Start CD/DVD speed from the Nero Toolkit folder and do a benchmark test using a DVD-ROM (preferred). Create a screenshot using the floppy symbol and post that here.
Also, shutdown your computer, disconnect the drive and try again.


Thanks for your reply. Yes the drive is connected to an USB2.0 (High Speed) port.

But my notebook is “AMD Athlon XP-M Driver” will it affect the use of this drive??


But my notebook is "AMD Athlon XP-M Driver"
I don’t know, what that should mean;)
will it affect the use of this drive??
Why should it? Have a look into devicemanager and check, what chipset is used for USB (It should read something like {maker} enhanced USB controller or similar).


SiS 7001 PCI to USB Open Host Controller
SiS PCI to USB Enhanced Hoset Controller
USB Mass Storage Device
USB Root Hub

The above are in my devicemanager