BURNING Problem - Extremely Slow - Fluctuating Buffer Levels - TS-H552U DVD Writer



Hello guys,

I am new to the forum. I am having a very frustrating problem. I recently just built my desktop and have been trying to burn some DVDs. The burner that I have is the Samsung TS-H552U Burner. The DVDs that I am using to burn are by Taiyo Yuden 8X speed DVD-R. I recently installed Nero 8 Ultra Edition and I updated the firmware for my DVD Writer to Version US09 (the latest one).

Here’s my problem: it burns EXTREMELY SLOW!!! This has never happened before. I used to have this burner on my old desktop and it would burn an 8X DVD-R in about 10 minutes. Now, it takes nearly 55 minutes to burn one DVD-R! Also, the Buffer Level fluctuates like krazy, from 20 to 30 to 50 to 70 to 80 back down to 50, etc. It keeps fluctuating during the burn process. Before, it would consistently stay at around 95% buffer level. What is the problem? I am really confused at what’s wrong. I am pretty sure my DVD’s are good quality and that the hardware to my DVD Writer is in good standing. I even updated the firmware to the latest version. I’m really not sure what’s wrong. When I burn, I set it at 8x and “No multisession”. I usually pick the DVD (ISO) option when burning Data.

By the way, the Firmware where I downloaded from is from this website:

Do you guys know whats up or what I can do to solve the problem?



Check/rest DMA on the drive


How to do what [B]tgidday[/B] said, if you need any assistance:



Thanks for the bump Albert, I live in a trailer park so can not type to many words at once…LOL…( been reading the catbox)


hey guys, thanks for the suggestion. I actually did that two days ago… and I just noticed something odd. I actually have 6 IDE Channels (3 Primary and 3 Secondary)… and All of them under the TRANSFER MODE have “DMA if Available”. And under that for Current Transfer Mode - they say Not Applicable.

However, for the very last secondary IDE Channel, It has Transfer Mode set on: “DMA If available”. But under it where it says Current Transfer Mode, it says PIO Mode.

Hmm… how come the “Current Transfer Mode” for this one doesnt say Not Applicable.


That is the problem, should be DMA, uninstall all secondary IDE channels reboot check again. You are running xp or vista right?


oh my gosh it works!!! Thank you so much!!! All I had to do was right click that particular IDE in the disk manager and click “uninstall” and when i restarted my computer it recognized my dvd writer again and set it to DMA MODE! Thanks so much u guys! =)