Burning powerpoint presentation for mass distribution and having a hard time

So I am doing some DVD authoring for a non-profit who have a Powerpoint Presentation they want burned on to a dvd in a format that will be playable on anyone’s consumer dvd player at home. Currently they have given me a DVD they burned with a program called Powerpoint2dvd which copies the presentation and burns it into standard ISO dvd files, but it won’t play in a DVD player and only really plays in select media viewer programs.

I am fairly confident that if I convert it to .avi I should be able to then burn it using either Adobe Encore CS3, Nero or Sonic correct? or is there a better format that I don’t know of? I need help with this asap because they want to distro in the next week or so. anything is helpful

There are still many dvd players that can’t handle avi files, so I don’t think you will be gaining anything by converting to that format.

The files you have now—they are .vob, .ifo and .bup files in a standard Video_TS folder on the disk? If so they should already be in mpeg2, which is what you need for dvd video.

I don’t use Encore, but if you can import the video directly, you may just have to reauthor it to get a more compliant dvd.