Burning/playback problems

im using dvdfab platinum. dvd5 works great with 4.7 gb discs, havent had a problem yet. but when i use dvd9 i cant get anything to work. when i use full disc mode i get error 115, so i tried clone but it wont make it all the way through the scan. the one time it did i get playback error on the dvd player. im using verbatim mkm001 discs, and my burner is, pbds dvd ±rw ds-8w1p ata device, my player to the tv is an lg dr1f9h

alright im having the same problem on two different computers, i guess it just cant copy full discs?

Rip to hard drive then burn with Imgburn at 4x

I agree with Jethro, try using ImgBurn for the burning of the disc. It is free, you can download it here: http://www.imgburn.com/index.php?act=download

just did the uninstall, if that doesnt work i’ll try imgburn…i just want an all in one, thats what i paid for, know what i mean?


DVDFAB has Imgburn as a burn option check the write settings in FAB.