Burning/playback issue

what is happening,1] when i burn a movie on a blank dvd+ it only plays in some home dvd players but when i burn on dvd- it plays on all
or also this way cause i am not sure yet which is going on here but what’s thee difference
2]when i use a memorex either + or and - all plays but with maxwell only on some dvd players
new at burning and need some help
at this point i am not sure if its the - + thing going on in (1] or [2] the brand name
any subjections welcomed cause i just don’t know what’s happening,
p.s any and all the above either -+ plays in my dvd home player but when i go over friends house and we put in it won’t play only plays somewhere else with the memorex - and +
so as u can see i need to know what is happening,what’s going on, thanks in advance


some older standalone DVD players can’t handle DVD+R. This is what is Bitsetting for, but not all DVD writers and burning software support this feature.

Additionally, Memorex is not considered reliable due to to the inconsistency of the stuff Memorex is sourcing.