Burning Pictures, Word files to CD issues

Hey all,
Alas, like most ppl in here, I am having some issues burning pictures and Microsoft Word files to a cd.

The whole burning process went great, and everything I burned on the cd showed up, but when I went to access the pictures and letters, they had become “Read Only”. Not what I wanted, because I want to be able to edit the pics if possible, and send them to friends as such. So I tried changing them to “Shared” files, and it wouldn’t let me.
Is there some kind of special blank cd I need to burn data onto like that, and do I have to do something to the files to make sure they don’t end up as “Read Only”? I did this so I could free up memory on my computer, instead of storing tons of pics and letters on the computer.

Any advice would be wonderful, floppy disks only store very little and I have a lot of sentimental photos and letters that I want to keep in one place.

Thanks a lot!

Antaya S :slight_smile:

you cannot use the standard cd like a floppy - that is, you cannot edit or alter the files on that cd on-the-fly because they are now “fixed” to the media. you will either need to copy the file/s back to hard drive, or use an app like Nero INCD to format a cd so it will work like a floppy in read/write mode