Burning photocds

Could someone tell me which cd writing sw burns photocds?:frowning:

I could…

But you could have found it yourself too if you put in a little effort:

Useful link:

Try this proggy

Ulead® DVD PictureShow™
Ulead DVD PictureShow lets you use your CD or DVD burner to create exciting photo slideshows that play on many standard DVD players. Now you can easily share your photos on TV!

Find it here:

I did try searching but I kept getting error messages and no search results. There is nothing more irritating then to be made out a lazy bum, but I guess that’s what my question must have looked like since so many have asked the same before.

Thanks a lot for your reply. I found some interesting links and sw names.

Peace and God bless.

Something else I am confused and can’t get the answer of.

How can I convert a *.jpeg file to *.pcd file

Any convertors. Please help.


Has anyone encountered a problem with Ulead PictureShow 2 when they burn? When i try to burn it simply says an windows has encountered an error, and then it exits…does anyone know why?

I can’t say for certain, but pretty sure Paintshop Pro supports this file type, you can dload a trial HERE and give it a spin…it’s one of my favorite paint programs…:slight_smile: