Burning photo to disc

Hi, this is for a friend of mine. I took her through the procedure to copy her photos, stored in ‘my pictures’ and Windows gives her the error message, cannot copy to CD, now ive been doing this with her over the phone , not in person, so mayby ive not got through to her exactly wht she had to do , so i told her to copy one photo into’my documents’ and try i tfrom there but she gets the same problem? Any ideas? I thought that maybe her files are corrupted somehow, and the thing is all her new grandson pics are in the computer, she never had the chance to get any printed so she is worried she’ll lose them if her machine crashes. Cheers in advance

Is she using the XP integrated burning software?

Just whatever came bundled with windows, she doesnt have nero as far as im aware, and she said that shed copied to cd before and worked ok then, shes had n crashes that im aware of but shes not very good with techy stuff

Try copying the pictures from the my picture folder to another folder somewhere else. I.E create a folder on the hdd called photos temp then see if they will burn from there.

Find out what software is being used to burn as well.