Burning performance is slow/unstable

I’ve noticed when burning lately that my speed has been unstable

here is a performance graph of burning a backup of the Sopranos

When burning the ISO my hard drive LED on the computer is solid like its stuck

and as you can see the memory buffer steadily goes down because its not loading the iso up to speed of the burner

how do I solve this problem?

I disk defragged and scan the disk no problems

I’ve disabled ZoneAlarm Suite with no change

I’ve tried multiple different burning programs with all the same results

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Did you check if DMA is enabled? Sometimes Windows reverts to PIO mode with no warning for the user :doh:

Thank you for your nice reply :slight_smile:

the drives are in Ultra DMA Mode 2

I don’t think its the burner that is bad

It something with my hard drive or could it be even my motherboard?

the computer was bought in 2005 brand new from Dell

it has been perfectly fine at burning high speeds until recently

hmm…I thought soprano was dvd9 format? Are you compressing to dvd5 format? Looks like it was reaching the end of the burn from the graph in my interpretation of the graph. Also I recommed not burning at max speed that tends to cause coaster and bad burns. Also what kinda media are you using and what is the speed you hoose to burn at? And you didn’t tell us what program you are using to burn so those charts won’t help much not knowing what program was used???

it is dvd9 i’m compressing them to DVD5 using DVDFab or DVDShrink
I’ve used DVDdecryptor, Nero, Alcohol 120 to burn and all have the same problem

[I][U]the images i put up do show what program i’m using thought you would notice that[/U][/I]

I’m backing them up because of the steep price tag for the seasons

why not burn at 16x when the drive and DVD support the speed?

sometimes the burn speed gets all the way down to 1x or even lower because of the hard drive not reading the files