Burning PC Games

I am wanting to burn PC games but every time I try to burn a PC game with Alcohol 120%, it says, “Disc Read Error” and it doesnt get past 1%. What can I do to make a perfect back up copy of a PC game? Also… Do i need to install the game first before I burn it?

What exactly are you trying to copy and please let us know your reader/writer combination?

Hi Brandon5,

Try checking for dirt and scratches on the CD, and try giving it a clean.

Try scanning your game with A-Ray Scanner, that will give you the protection of the game. www.aray-software.com

If it reports as SafeDisc 2/3, then it has unreadable sectors (natively) and the read errors are perfectly normal.

If it is any other (apart from Smarte or maybe even SD1) then the CD may be un-readable.


Or Codelok, or RingProtech, or VOB ProtectCD, or any one of MANY possible protections that use bad sectors.

Read errors are very common in copy protections. Not just Safedisc or Smarte.


Ok, then if you get physical data read errors.

Thanks for all your guys help.

Codelok i’m not sure bout, Ring Protech’s errors are around 97%, ProtectCD - VOB’s errors are around 3%. Some other read error protections may be LockBlocks, LaserLock and PhenoProtect(which for the life of me will not be detected with anything).

As Merther ans Kitna stated they are normal, and if you use the appropriate profile, it should glide through all of them and read them to the image.

Good Luck!!!:slight_smile:

Codelok errors start right at the beginning of the CD.
Usually around sector 2000 $CyBeRwIz$.


Thanks to everyone who helped me learn how to back up PC games. I downloaded A-Ray Scanner and Alcoholer and used CloneCD and was able to backup ALL of my games. I only have one problem… I have one more game to copy and it is a Safe Disc 3.10 or 3.15 it says. Alcoholer doesn’t have those. It only has Safe Disc up to 2.8x. What do I do?

Safedisc 3.x is quite difficult to backup and is very hardware dependant. I have no idea if your burner is capable. From alcoholer you can choose the safedisc 2.8 profile but I suggest setting the write speed to as low as possible for more chance of an accurate burn.


A nice write speed would be 4x, but slightly higher and slightly lower should be ok.

Thank you everyone. I will try that and see if it works.

I’m currently putting together some Alcohol Datatypes, and i’ll post em real soon.:slight_smile:


Alcoholer SafeDisc 2 settings should av a 3.x as well??

4x is good, esp u av a shitty media.

Well, they are, but make sure you set the writing speed to 4x.