Burning PAL file...so new I'm lost (Samsung LCD LE-52A552

[qanda]This thread is about the Samsung 52" Full HD LCD TV LE-52A552. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]My name is Roz and I have been told this is the one and only site that can help me…

I just got a 52" LCD and have heard alot about calibration and disks that I can run to do so (instead of spending $250). I downloaded a DVE PAL file and have NO idea how to get it on a disk to play in my DVD player. I have copied stuff before, but just cant get this to work.

I am very “not smart” when it comes to this…and I know you are experts. If you can help me with links or step by step it would be greatly helpful and appreciated.

I have a Samsung DVD player with upconvert, Model 1080P7. THANKS!!!

I wasn’t aware that DVE was available for download. If you have paid for the program and downloaded from the makers, then you should send them an email explaining your problems burning to a disk.

If you haven’t paid for it, we cannot help you transfer to a disk.

By the way, if you have a PAL version, you must have PAL equipment…such as found in Europe or Australia. The US uses NTSC standards.

One of the easiest ways to legally obtain a calibration disk in the US is to start a Netflix account and rent one of the Avia disks. Do a search at Netflix for Avia.

It is a PAL and I guess none of my stuff supports it. I have a netflix account and will look there. Thank you for your help!

THX certified dvds sometime have a THX optimizer on them, I know stars wars episode 2 and 3 does.