Burning Options

Could someone please tell me when to use and what the difference are between the following burning option:

DVD-ROM (ISO): This is what I currently use to burn data files off my hard drive
DVD Copy: I assume you use this when copying an existing DVD
DVD-Video: I assume this is specifically designed to burn video DVDs
DVD-ROM (Boot): I assume you use this to create a boot disk
DVD-ROM (UDF): I have no idea
DVD-ROM (UDF/ISO): I have no idea either

Thanks for your help:).

Can someone please help me out here:)?

Your assumptions are correct. Now let’s fill in the blanks.

The Universal Disc Format (UDF) is the native DVD file format. ISO 9660 is an older standard developed for CD-ROMs that is still used on DVDs alongside UDF for wider compatibility. Some details on both specification are available at Optical Storage Technology Association’s site. See the DVD FAQ on DVD Demystified for OS compatibility information.

The practical implications for you are that from the list of Nero DVD templates (that’s what they are called, “burning options” is not quite accurate) you listed above there will be no difference between ##1, 5 and 6 - unless you want the discs to be easily readable on older platforms like Win95 without having to install third-party tools, in which case you can pick between ##1 and 6.

So pick any template you like but keep in mind that DVD-ROM (UDF/ISO) should offer the widest compatibility. The DVD-ROM (Video) template uses both UDF and ISO, incidentally.

Thanks a lot for your help:)! Well I am not really concerned with my DVDs being compatible with older platforms so I think I will start using the DVD-ROM (UDF) template because it is the native DVD file format. You would have thought that Nero would put that template as the first option. Anyway, as long as they have the same quality it is OK:).

So if the DVD-Video template is designed specifically to burn video DVDs would the other options be better suited for burning data because that is what I mainly use my burner for. It wouldn’t be a good idea to copy on the fly using the DVD Copy template either would it? You would be better off riping the DVD to to the hard drive and using the DVD-Video template to copy the image to the DVD, correct:)?

If you need to burn a DVD containing a file that is larger than 4GB, then you can do this using the DVD-ROM (UDF) option - the UDF filesystem can handle files larger than 4GB but ISO(-9660) can’t.