Burning onto dvd

Well i need help guys of course i’m a n00bie cause everytime i try i end up messing up. anyways i used winavi to convert the file into whatever i can which takes a long ass time. so i gave up on that and using nero i ended up wasting a lot of my time to cause it has to convert and the video keeps screwing up cause its off screen and i see those huge ass black strips on top of the screen.

so my question is what should i use to to convert and burn onto a dvd. i’m using the sony dru-018a. i just got it over winter break and yeah if this violates any of your guys rules please inform me and i’ll have admin or smod delete immediately thanks for the help.


WinAvi is actually pretty good though slow. Mainconcept Mpeg Encoder is better mainly 'cause it makes dvd compailant mpeg2 files wich will not be reconverted when burning!

What big black stripes do you see?(like on top and bottom, if so then the video you burned is widescreen and the tv is not therefor needed, certainly you can push the picture in the screen withouh the black bars but will look bad.)

Is offscreen is like if there are subtitles then 1-2 words are slipped out of screen? At a 4:3 video that’s usually what happens, you might have to either get used to some black bars on the sides (only on lcd and pc) or get used to it(as far as I know) if it’s widescreen than it’s probably is not flaged as widescreen wich can push the sides out!

For burning you could use some other software rather than nero (though some can use it) something like MyDVD(someone here mentioned it but I don’t know this one) or DVD Workshop or Sony Vegas(I think that was the name). Something like that, that would make menu(if you want one) or just write out normally (you could flag the widescrren properly).

Hey K0rn, I know I always suggest it, but I think DVD Santa or DivXtoDVD might work for you. I seem to remember using them in the past.

They both certainly convert DivX to DVD but I think they also do AVI.

well dvd works great. i don’t mind wasting dvd+r to try every program that works to my disposal. might as well buy a dvd+/- rw