Burning on Windows for a Mac?



Hey everyone!

Great & useful site here- sooo glad I found it!


I wanted to help a friend who has a Mac by offering to d/l & burn CD’s for her as she’s on dial-up (& a slow connection to boot!).

Is this possible? For instance, Apple just released the new “Safari” browser which is 80+ mb’s- all day for her. Could I d/l this, burn, & give her the CD?

What do I need to do this? I have Nero 6.

Thanks all-



Hey there “mom” :slight_smile: and welcome to the forum.

I’m not sure , but i think an Apple Mac can read the standard ISO 9660 format , which you can write using Nero Burning Rom.

For testing, you could use a cd-REwritable. If it fails , nothing is lost , you just reformat the thing :slight_smile:


Hey back-

Thanks for the reply & welcome.

Yeah, I figured it’d be cheap enough to just use a CD-R since I have a few hundred knocking about (all free after rebates- ;^)

I’m not cheap, just didn’t want to do it for nothing. The friend is in another state & I didn’t want to make a promise that wouldn’t work.

ISO 9660- is this the standard ISO format? Or am I choosing from a list during the burn?

TY again,